SME Instruments Phase II Development Programme

Project Overview

Recent advances in genomics, molecular science, and big data are changing the way we define and target diseases, but drug discovery is still a time-consuming, expensive and risky process. Genome Biologics provides a unique combination of tools – GENIMAPS and GENISYST – to provide an integrated platform, with a disruptive effect on the time, cost and risk of drug discovery and pre-clinical trial development. 

GENISYST uses a unique transgenic methodology to allow up to 50 genes to be expressed in a pre-clinical model, directly in target tissue, without affecting the genome.The toolkit reduces the time to prepare pre-clinical models, and the cost of drug discovery and pre-clinical trials, by an order of magnitude. The impact of this is cheaper, more rapidly developed, drugs, with a greater target to market success rate. 

GENIMAPS combines big data, AI and a unique multi-omics approach to make rapid and precise matches between disease indicators and compound behaviours, allow rapid identification of targets, genetic expression, and compound matches. As well as precision medicine, GENIMAPS also allows the rapid evaluation of an existing pipeline, allowing repositioning of a company’s existing, FDA approved assets (or orphan drugs) – increasing the return on public and private investment.

Project Report (pdf)


Genome Biologics

This project received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 822455.

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