accelerating drug positioning and development


Genome Biologics is a pioneer in molecular and functional drug positioning

We apply accelerated systematic discovery technology to develop our drug positioning and drug development pipeline for cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease - and cancer.

Our scientists use GENIMAPS® to analyze massive data resources to identify non-obvious, mechanism-of-action based associations between compounds, molecular targets and diseases.


We use this insight to find new uses for existing drugs or drug combinations, assess their risk profile, efficacy and function with the patented GENISYST® platform – thus advancing them to Clinical Phase I and IIa/b sooner, cheaper and with a higher probability of success than has been possible to date.


Genome Biologics

We focus on empowering multi-disciplinary teams of subject matter experts with powerful platform technologies  to develop our pipeline and deliver custom solutions for a drug, disease or molecular target of immediate business relevance to our partners.

Genome Biologics business model combines our in-house core strengths with outsourcing and strategic partnering to create synergies that are transforming drug positioning and development. 

challenges we address


The healthcare industry is in a state of rapid change as it embraces new challenges - including

  • Pressure on drug pipelines from the patent cliff and a relative scarcity of new chemical entities.
  • More stringent regulatory requirements, driving the need for real value-add in new products and meaningful differentiation from the standard of care.
  • Pressure from HMOs and Patient Advocacy Groups for cheaper and safer therapies and in diseases that so far have been ignored.
  • Removal of traditional market partitions: as pharma moves into the generics space, while generics companies look to add value to their products.
  • Non-typical alliances of stakeholders are creating new and powerful market entrants.

Massive amounts of data generated by new technologies or collected from patients, waiting to be exploited. The issue is no longer access to data but interpretation of the right collection of data for the problem at hand. The  challenge is significant, especially if one considers that our  knowledge of biological systems and processes is incomplete, our  knowledge of how exactly a disease modulates the healthy state is  incomplete and our knowledge of how exactly a drug works in our bodies  is also incomplete and in flux.

Genome Biologics believes that even if existing knowledge is incomplete, it contains hidden gems that if unearthed, organised, interpreted and shared in the right context can have significant impact on the bottom line. 

This is now possible with our technology. We enable more efficient and effective drug development and positioning.